Term 1 Passing Marks out of 40

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts Term 1 examinations for various classes. Understanding the passing criteria is crucial for students and parents alike. This guide sheds light on the passing marks for Term 1 in CBSE, specifically focusing on the scenario where the total marks are out of 40.

Minimum Passing Marks:

“Candidates must achieve an aggregate score of at least 33 percent or 13 marks out of 40 in order to pass the exam.”

According to the CBSE examination by laws:

Therefore, for Term 1 exams where the total marks are 40, the minimum passing marks are:

  • 40 marks * 33% = 13 marks

Important Notes:

  • The CBSE awards grades based on a five-point scale (A, B, C, D, E) for both individual subjects and the overall performance. The specific marks range for each grade can vary slightly year-to-year.
  • Passing each individual subject is also mandatory to be declared “passed” overall.

Videos to Understand passing marks out of 40 in term 1 examination:

FAQs on CBSE term 1 passing marks out of 40:

  • Do these passing marks apply to all subjects?

Yes, the minimum passing mark of 33% (approximately 13.33 for a 40-mark paper) applies to all subjects in CBSE Term 1 exams, regardless of the subject.

  • What happens if I score below the passing marks?

Students scoring below the minimum passing marks (13 for a 40-mark paper) in any subject will be marked as “fail” for that subject. However, they may still be eligible to appear for compartmental examinations conducted later to improve their score and attain an overall pass.

  • Where can I find more information about CBSE exams?

You can refer to the official CBSE website ( for the latest updates on exam regulations, syllabus, and other important information.


Understanding the passing criteria is essential for effective exam preparation and managing expectations. By familiarizing yourself with the minimum required score, you can strategize your studies and ensure you meet the academic requirements for CBSE Term 1 examinations.

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