CBSE Class 9 Passing Marks out of 80

As CBSE Class 9 students gear up for their annual examinations, understanding the passing criteria is crucial. This guide delves into the essential information about passing marks for individual subjects, equipping you with the knowledge required for effective preparation.

Minimum Passing Requirement to pass:

The CBSE board mandates a minimum of 33% in both theory and internal assessment (if applicable) for each subject with a total mark allocation of 80. This translates to:

  • Minimum Passing Marks (Theory + Internal Assessment): 80 marks * 33% = 26.40 (rounded to two decimal places)

Subject Wise Passing Marks Class 9 CBSE:

The table below summarizes the minimum passing marks for various subjects in CBSE Class 9:

SubjectMinimum Passing Marks
Social Science27
Optional Subjects (each)27
Passing marks out of 80 in CBSE class 9

Points to Remember:

  • This information applies to subjects with a total mark allocation of 80, including internal assessments (if applicable).
  • Students must pass all individual subjects, including optional subjects, to be declared “passed” overall in CBSE Class 9 examinations.
  • The CBSE board awards grades based on a five-point scale (A, B, C, D, E). The specific marks range for each grade may vary slightly year-to-year, but the minimum passing requirement remains at 33%.


  • What happens if I score below 26.40 in a subject?

Scoring below 26.40 in any subject implies failing that subject. However, students can still appear for compartmental examinations conducted later to improve their score and attain an overall pass.

  • Do these passing marks apply to all CBSE Class 9 subjects?

Yes, the minimum passing requirement of 33% applies to all subjects in CBSE Class 9, regardless of whether they have a total mark allocation of 80 or another number (like project-based subjects).

  • Where can I find more information about CBSE Class 9 exams?

The official CBSE website ( offers comprehensive information on various aspects of CBSE Class 9 examinations, including the syllabus, marking scheme, exam schedule, and results.


passing marks for CBSE Class 9 empowers students to strategize their studies effectively. By focusing on achieving at least 27 (combined score) in each subject and hard work for a higher score, students can approach their examinations with clarity and confidence.

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