Passing Marks in CBSE Class 12

Passing the CBSE Class 12 board exams is like challenge for average students in India. But what exactly are the passing marks, and how can you ensure you meet the criteria?

Passing marks out of 100 in CBSE class 12:

Every student needs minimum 33 marks in every subject out of 100 to pass.

  • Minimum Passing Marks: 33% in both theory and practical/internal assessments (individually).
  • Subject-wise Applicability: Applies to all subjects, including core and elective options.
  • Grading System: A score above “E” grade (equivalent to 33%) is considered a pass.
  • Overall Percentage: Not applicable for passing the exam; individual subject marks are assessed.

Essential Information:

  • Quote: “While aiming for higher scores is commendable, understanding the minimum passing requirement empowers students to strategize effectively for their exams.” – Educational Expert, []

Minimum Passing Marks Breakdown (CBSE Class 12)

Subject TypeMinimum Passing Marks
Theory Exams33%
Practical/Internal Assessments33%

List of Important Points:

  • Passing both theory and practical exams is mandatory.
  • Securing a minimum of 33% in each subject (theory and practical) is crucial.
  • Students failing to meet the minimum passing marks can appear for compartment exams to improve their scores.


Q: Are there different passing marks for different streams (Science, Commerce, Arts)?

A: No, the minimum passing mark of 33% applies uniformly to all streams in CBSE Class 12.

Q: Do I need to score an overall percentage to pass the exam?

A: No, there is no concept of an overall pass percentage in CBSE Class 12. Each subject is evaluated individually based on the minimum passing criteria.

Q: What happens if I fail to secure the minimum passing marks in one or more subjects?

A: Students can appear for compartment exams conducted by the CBSE board to improve their scores in specific subjects they failed.

Remember during exam:

  • Fulfilling the minimum passing requirements is a stepping stone towards achieving academic success.
  • Aiming for higher marks equips you with a strong foundation for further studies and career progression.
  • Utilize resources and seek guidance from teachers and mentors to enhance your understanding and preparation.

By understanding the passing marks system and approaching your exams strategically, you can confidently navigate your journey towards academic success in CBSE Class 12.

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