Passing Marks Out of 40 in CBSE Class 12

The CBSE board adheres to a minimum passing requirement of 33% in each subject in Class 12 examinations. Therefore, for subjects with a total mark allocation of 40:

  • Minimum passing marks = 40 marks * 33% = 13

Table Summary:

Total MarksMinimum Passing Marks
passing marks table

Key Points to Remember:

  • This passing criteria applies to both theory and practical/internal assessment components, if applicable, for each subject.
  • Students must pass all individual subjects to be declared “passed” overall in CBSE Class 12.
  • The CBSE board awards grades based on a five-point scale (A, B, C, D, E). The specific marks range for each grade may vary slightly year-to-year, but the minimum passing mark remains at 33%.


  • What happens if I score below 13 in a subject?

Scoring below 13 in any subject, combining theory and practical/internal assessment marks, implies failing that subject. However, students can still appear for compartmental examinations conducted later to improve their score and achieve an overall pass.

  • Do these passing marks apply to all Class 12 subjects?

Yes, the minimum passing requirement of 33% (approximately 13 for a 40-mark paper) applies to all subjects in CBSE Class 12, regardless of whether they involve practical components.

  • Where can I find more information about CBSE Class 12 exams?

The official CBSE website ( provides comprehensive information on various aspects of Class 12 examinations, including the syllabus, marking scheme, exam schedule, and results.

Some Tips to get updated on passing criteria:

  • The minimum passing mark ensures you pass the subject, striving for a higher score is always recommended. This not only secures a better academic standing but also opens doors to future academic and career opportunities.
  • Utilize official CBSE resources and adhere to the established guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful academic journey in Class 12.

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