Marks To Percentage Calculator

The Scored Marks to Percentage Calculator Tool is a valuable companion on your academic journey. It helps you save time, minimize errors, and gain a clearer picture of your performance.

Marks to Percentage Calculator

Marks to Percentage Calculator

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Are you struggling to convert your exam marks into a percentage? Whether you’re a student or a teacher, knowing how to calculate percentages from marks is an essential skill.

score percentage calculator
Easily calculate percentage of marks for free.

How to Calculate Percentage of Marks? | How to find percentage of marks?

Now, let’s break down the process into simple steps:

  1. Collect Data: Gather the marks you obtained in a particular assessment and the total marks for that assessment.
  2. Substitute Values: Plug the values into the formula:
    • Marks Obtained: Your score on the assessment.
    • Total Marks: The maximum achievable score.
  3. Calculate: Perform the calculation using the formula.
  4. Convert to Percentage: Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

Example Calculation

Let’s say you scored 85 out of 100 on a math test.

So, your percentage on the math test is 85%.

What is the Marks to Percentage Calculator Tool?

Imagine a magic wand that instantly converts your exam scores into percentages. That’s the power of this online tool!

  • Simplifies calculations: Enter your marks and total marks possible for an assessment, and the tool instantly calculates the corresponding percentage.
  • Multiple options: Choose between calculating percentages for a single subject or handle multiple subjects with varying weights.
  • Saves time: Ditch the pen and paper, letting the tool do the calculations while you focus on other tasks.
  • Reduces errors: Say goodbye to the risk of calculation mistakes and ensure accurate results.

How to take out the percentage of marks?

Calculating the percentage of marks involves dividing the marks you obtained by the total possible marks and multiplying the result by 100. Here’s how to do it:

1. Gather the information:

  • Your scored marks: This is the number of marks you scored in an exam, assignment, or project.
  • Total possible marks: This is the maximum number of marks you could have achieved in the assessment.

2. Perform the calculation:

There are two ways to find the percentage:

Method 1: Divide the obtained marks by the total possible marks and multiply by 100.

Percentage = (Obtained Marks / Total Possible Marks) * 100

Method 2: Convert the obtained marks and total possible marks into decimals first, then perform the division and multiplication.

Percentage = (Obtained Marks as Decimal / Total Possible Marks as Decimal) * 100


  • You scored 48 marks in an exam out of a total of 60 marks.
  • Using the first method:
Percentage = (48 / 60) * 100 = 0.8 * 100 = 80%
  • Using the second method:
Percentage = (48 / 60) * 100 = 0.8 * 100 = 80%

Hope you easily calculating percentage of marks!

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