How to give a suitable title to passage?

Giving a suitable title to a passage involves capturing the essence of the content in a concise and engaging manner. Here are some steps and tips to help you create an effective title:

  1. Identify the Main Theme:
    • Understand the central theme or message of the passage. What is the main idea or point being conveyed?
  2. Highlight Key Keywords:
    • Pick out key terms or phrases that encapsulate the core concepts in the passage. These words should be representative of the content.
  3. Consider Tone and Style:
    • Think about the tone and style of the passage. Is it formal, informal, humorous, serious, or informative? The title should align with the overall tone.
  4. Be Concise and Clear:
    • Keep the title concise and to the point. Aim for clarity to ensure that readers quickly understand what the passage is about.
  5. Use Strong Language:
    • Opt for powerful and evocative language in your title. Words that evoke emotion or curiosity can draw readers in.
  6. Include Unique Elements:
    • If there are specific details, unique perspectives, or surprising elements in the passage, consider incorporating them into the title to make it more intriguing.
  7. Create a Connection:
    • Make the title relatable to the target audience. It should resonate with readers and make them interested in exploring the passage further.
  8. Avoid Spoilers:
    • If the passage contains a twist or surprise ending, avoid giving it away in the title. The title should entice readers without revealing too much.
  9. Test Different Options:
    • Experiment with multiple title options. Sometimes, trying out different variations can help you find the one that best captures the essence of the passage.
  10. Review and Revise:
    • After creating a title, review it to ensure it accurately represents the content. Revise as needed to enhance clarity and impact.


  • Original Passage: “Exploring the Impact of Technological Advancements on Society”
  • Possible Titles:
    1. “Tech Revolution: Unveiling Societal Transformations”
    2. “Navigating Change: The Influence of Technology on Our Lives”
    3. “From Innovation to Impact: Tech’s Role in Shaping Society”
    4. “The Digital Shift: Examining How Technology Shapes Our World”

Remember that the title is the first impression readers have of the passage, so it should be compelling and accurately represent the content within.

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