What goes up but never comes down?

The answer to the riddle “What goes up but never comes down?” is “age” or “one’s age.” As time passes, a person’s age increases and never decreases.

1. Time:

  • The most common answer is your age. As time relentlessly progresses, our age increments with each passing day. It’s a one-way journey, highlighting the impermanence of life.

2. Soaring Prices:

  • In today’s world, the cost of living often seems to defy gravity. From groceries to fuel, prices have a tendency to rise steadily, rarely coming back down.

3. Smoke Signals:

  • Rising plumes of smoke billow upwards, carried by air currents. Once released, smoke dissipates into the atmosphere and never truly descends.

4. The Power of Knowledge:

  • As we learn and gain experience, our knowledge accumulates. This intellectual growth represents a continual upward trajectory.

5. Unwavering Hope:

  • The human spirit is imbued with an inherent sense of hope. We strive for better things, and even in the face of adversity, hope often serves as a guiding light that pulls us forward.

Deeper Meanings

The riddle can also prompt philosophical introspection. It can represent:

  • The passage of time: Our moments turn into memories, forever locked in the past.
  • The impermanence of life: We are all on a journey with a predetermined end.
  • The pursuit of self-improvement: We strive to learn, grow, and become better versions of ourselves.

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