MPC course subjects: Details to learn

The MPC stream, short for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, is a popular choice for students in India seeking careers in engineering and technology. Understanding the subjects encompassed within this stream equips students with valuable information when making academic decisions.

Core Subjects:

The MPC stream primarily focuses on three core subjects, forming the foundation for scientific and technological understanding:

  • Mathematics: This subject delves into various mathematical concepts, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics, equipping students with problem-solving skills and analytical thinking abilities.
  • Physics: This subject explores the fundamental principles of the physical world, covering topics like mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism. It fosters an understanding of the laws governing matter and energy.
  • Chemistry: This subject delves into the composition, structure, and properties of matter, exploring chemical reactions, bonding, and various other aspects. It equips students with the ability to analyze and understand chemical processes.

Total Subject Count:

While the core subjects form the foundation of the MPC stream, the total number of subjects may vary slightly depending on the specific board or school curriculum. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Minimum Subjects: The MPC stream typically consists of three core subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • Additional Subjects: Some schools or boards may include additional subjects, such as:
    • English: Enhancing communication and language skills.
    • Computer Science: Introducing students to the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking.
    • Environmental Science: Fostering awareness of environmental issues and solutions.

Instant Summary:

ScenarioTotal Subjects
Minimum MPC Stream3 (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
MPC Stream with Additional Subjects4 or more (varies depending on the school/board)

Important Considerations:

  • While the minimum number of subjects in the MPC stream is typically three, consulting your specific school or board’s curriculum is vital to confirm the exact number of subjects and their respective weightage in the overall evaluation.
  • Choosing additional subjects can be beneficial depending on your career aspirations. For instance, including Computer Science might be advantageous if you’re interested in fields like computer engineering.


  • What are the career options after pursuing MPC?

The MPC stream opens doors to a wide range of career paths in engineering (e.g., Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering), technology, research, and other fields related to science and technology.

  • Is MPC difficult compared to other streams?

The difficulty level is subjective and depends on your individual learning style and strengths. However, the MPC stream generally demands strong analytical and problem-solving skills and a natural inclination towards science and mathematics.

  • What can I do if I find the MPC stream challenging?

Help from teachers, mentors, or online resources can be beneficial. Additionally, exploring alternative learning methods and studying in groups can also enhance understanding and overcome challenges.

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