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  • National Capital Territory of India

    Delhi, officially known as the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, is a vibrant city and a union territory of India. It encompasses New Delhi, which serves as the capital of India. Situated on both sides of the Yamuna River, Delhi shares borders with the state of Uttar Pradesh to the east and Haryana in other directions. Let’s explore some…

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  • Exploring the Enduring Talent of Ruskin Bond as a Writer

    I. Introduction A. Early Life and Background of Ruskin Bond Ruskin Bond, born on May 19, 1934, in Kasauli, British India, had a childhood marked by various challenges, including the separation from his parents at an early age. Raised by his grandmother in Jamnagar and later by his father in Dehradun, Bond’s formative years provided rich material for his later…

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