5 Best Real estate in Noida to invest and get higher returns

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Noida, a bustling city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, offers a wide range of real estate options. The best real estate in Noida for you depends on your budget, preferences, and specific needs. Here are five well-regarded areas and projects in Noida to consider:

  1. Sector 137:
  • Sector 137 in Noida is known for its proximity to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, making it a popular choice for IT professionals working in the area.
  • Some prominent real estate developments in Sector 137 include residential complexes like ATS Greens, Logix Blossom County, and Ajnara Daffodil.
  1. Sector 150:
  • Sector 150 in Noida is often considered one of the greenest sectors in the city, with a focus on sustainability and open spaces.
  • Real estate projects like Godrej Nurture, ATS Pristine, and Ace Golfshire offer a combination of luxury and eco-friendly living in this area.
  1. Sector 78:
  • Sector 78 is located near the Noida City Center metro station, making it a convenient location for commuting.
  • Real estate projects like Mahagun Moderne, Antriksh Golf View, and Prateek Stylome offer a mix of apartments and amenities.
  1. Sector 50:
  • Sector 50 is a well-established residential area in Noida with proximity to educational institutions and shopping centers.
  • Some prominent developments in this area include Kendriya Vihar, Gardenia Gateway, and Stellar MI Citihomes.
  1. Greater Noida Expressway:
  • The Greater Noida Expressway area is witnessing rapid real estate development due to its strategic location and connectivity.
  • Projects like ATS Pristine Golf Villas, Mahagun Meadows, and The Hemisphere offer a mix of villas and high-rise apartments in this region.

When considering real estate in Noida, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, visit the properties, and consult with real estate experts or agents to make an informed decision. Additionally, the availability and pricing of properties may have changed since my last update, so it’s advisable to check the latest market trends and offerings in Noida.

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